Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pregnancy Types - Get To Know About The Different Types Of Pregnancy

Here are the types of pregnancies and some information on each one of them.

First time or new pregnancy,

Second or third pregnancy,

Lupus pregnancy,

Ectopic pregnancy

Multiple pregnancies

Teen pregnancy

First Time or New Pregnancy

In a New pregnancy, you become a mother for the first time in your life. It is an unusual but beautiful experience. It will be all the more beautiful, if you do a little bit of planning of your pregnancy. This way, you prepare yourself to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. You should eat a good diet, sleep well and take lots of rest, exercise regularly, do yoga and meditation and cut down on smoking, drinking, or any other bad habits.

Second or Third Pregnancy

In a second pregnancy, you know what you will probably go through, because it is the second time and this makes it even easier for you. However, every pregnancy is unique and you might feel with different intensity the symptoms of pregnancy in your second pregnancy, as compared to the ones in your first.

Lupus Pregnancy

Not all types of pregnancies may turn out safe. A lupus pregnancy may not be an easy pregnancy for the mother and child. It has to do with your immune system and can affect your vital organs. It results in blood clotting and risks of a premature delivery. You must be in constant touch with your doctors, if you suffer form lupus. Most women who suffer form lupus will see the pregnancy to its end, however, if you are on medication for lupus, avoid getting pregnant as it can cause damage to the fetus and cause stillbirth.

Ectopic Pregnancy

In an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized ovum grows outside the uterus, usually in one of the fallopian tubes. This is a very dangerous pregnancy for a mother and a doctor should immediately be consulted, if a woman collapses in early pregnancy or suffers pain in her lower abdomen. The good news is that, since only one fallopian tube is ruptured in this pregnancy, it is possible conceive again.

Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancy is a pregnancy, where you have two fetuses developing in the mother’s womb. This type of pregnancy usually occurs in older women, but fertility treatment these days can also be a cause of multiple pregnancies. Well most often, the mother is overjoyed, because now though she has intensified symptoms she has twice the amount of happiness, loving and giving.

Teen Pregnancy

A teen pregnancy is a sad thing to happen, because while the girl’s body may have recently matured, she is usually not emotionally or financially mature. Teen pregnancy usually happens where there is poverty and lack of basic education. Sex education and education about the use of contraceptives may also be lacking.

Those were the different types of pregnancies. Before and during pregnancy, enrich your mind by reading good books and magazines about pregnancy. We wish you a safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy.

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